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Jan Coates - Speaker/Author

Jan CoatesWhat people say about my speaking:




I'm 5'2" but people say I speak like I'm eight feet tall. I love that! I long to connect with people at a heart level—where Jesus lavishes His grace and love in amazing ways.

With more than 25 years proven platform experience, I love to inspire, motivate, encourage, and equip people at conferences, retreats, and seminars. My power-filled presentations—blended with Scripture, real-life solutions, street-smart insights, humor, contagious positivity, and grace—truly bless audiences from all walks of life.

When I'm not standing up front with a microphone in my hand I'm praying with audience members, one on one. That's where the most powerful speaking often happens.

I speak on topics related to Christian living: godly positivity, motivation, encouragement, inspiration, transformation, and motherhood.

My most requested talks:

  • Attitude-inize: Secrets to a Positive You
    Wouldn’t it be great to start each day with contagious enthusiasm? Take charge of your attitude with Scripture-based applications that teach you how. Women always leave energized, equipped, and ready to exude positivity from the inside out. Participants discover how to:
      • Grasp the importance of godly positivity
      • Make a decision to change
      • Be accountable for their lives
      • Take charge of thoughts, actions and deeds
      • Believe God’s promises
      • Transform from the inside out
      • Become a difference maker in God’s Kingdom

*Keynote, seminar, or 3-5 session retreat

  • Jan CoatesCome As You Are
    God never says, “Call me when you get your life in order.” He wants us to come to Him just as we are—a freeing concept for women of all ages. This presentation is perfect for a retreat kickoff or a fun-filled girl’s night out event. Attendees can even wear outrageous pajamas. Participants learn how to:
      • Let their guard down and be vulnerable, honest and fun-loving
      • Accept who they are in Christ
      • Get rid of the junk in their lives
      • Be set free of their pasts to pursue their God-given life of inner peace and joy
      • Come to the throne of Jesus—without pretenses and masks—and bask in Jesus’ grace-filled unconditional love

*Keynote, seminar, girl’s night out, or retreat kickoff

  • Set Free
    Brace yourself for this one— Set Free is a life-changer! Prepare for soul surgery as I place my “spiritual stethoscope” on participants’ hearts and guide them to real, lasting transformation and healing. This presentation helps attendees:
      • Understand that God chooses the improbable
      • Know truth from lies
      • Experience God’s healing power
      • Release their burdens
      • Claim their new identity in Christ

*Keynote, seminar, or 3-5 session retreat

  • What You Do Matters
    A metaphorical bouquet of gratitude and appreciation to individuals who selflessly minister to children and adults, lovable and unlovable. I deeply inspire participants by sharing how God’s servants helped a bag lady I personally knew progress from “hopeless” to “hope-filled.” Jan helps attendees:
      • Understand the importance of godly servanthood
      • Overcome discouragement, rejection, and physical exhaustion
      • Step back from personal situations and focus on God’s perspective
      • Discover that in Love’s service “what you do matters”

*Keynote or seminar

  • Women by Design
    In this fun, interactive presentation, I help you explore your God-given motivational gifts (Romans 12:6-8). These gifts motivate you and help you to become the woman of purpose God custom-designed you to be. audience members will:
      • Learn about the three biblical gift categories
      • Gain wisdom and insight from the biblical motivational gifts while learning to appreciate your own giftedness
      • Understand the who, what, where, when and why of God’s gifts
      • Discover how to use your gifts to glorify God

*Interactive workshop

PLEASE NOTE: Presentations are flexible enough to fit a one-hour keynote, a workshop series, or a weekend retreat. Topics can be customized to accommodate your timeframe, theme, and respective needs. I always schedule several phone consultations to coordinate the details to insure the messages are tailored to meet and exceed the needs of your group. Your event is important! The success of your event is paramount.

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